special warehousing service-凯发在线

  • service introduction

    if your recipient's address in taiwan, mainland china, or hong kong is in a special area (such as a pier, airport, logistics company/center/warehouse, bonded area, customs supervision area, conference or exhibition center, or military restricted zone), sf express provides additional services apart from collection and delivery (e.g., queuing, warehouse appointment, delivery following specified procedures, waiting for acceptance, or prepayment of fees). due to the complicated procedures and increased delivery difficulties, sf express will charge relevant service fees according to the standard to reduce communication costs between you and the recipient and improve the efficiency of delivery.

  • service coverage

    the scope and addresses requiring special warehouse entry services in taiwan, mainland china, and hong kong can be found in the "special warehouse entry address database (taiwan, , )."

  • service charges

    1. taiwan special warehouse entry service fee: nt$1200.
    2. prepayment of warehouse entry service fee: the actual payment will be made based on receipts.
    3. settlement methods: prepaid, cash on delivery, third-party payment transfer.
    4. for , , please refer to the official websites for the latest announcements regarding service fees.
  • notice for use

    if our company has obtained your consent to pay the special warehouse entry service fee before delivering the shipment to the special warehouse location, you will still be required to pay the service fee if the recipient refuses to accept the shipment due to factors from either you or the recipient, provided that the special warehouse entry service has been provided. this includes but is not limited to the original shipping cost, return cost, additional service fees already incurred by our company, prepayment expenses, and customs duties resulting from the recipient's refusal of the shipment.