flexiship app-凯发在线

flexiship is a free app that customers can enjoy self-service ordering, order management, service inquiries and more. you can manage your shipments easily!

step 1: scan qr code and download flexiship.

step 2: register and start using the app

step 3: you can place orders or check shipment status after login.

step 4: to place orders, choose “new order” and fill in the information of waybill and submit.


step 5: to check the shipment status, choose "track & trace ". you can either scan the barcode of waybill or input the waybill numbers.


[code for collection at the door]

to save time and reduce the risk of contracting covid-19 due to contact, it is recommended that you can pre-set the code for collection at the door in “my area.” please agree to the relevant terms of use, fill in your name and save the entered information to generate a collection code. show the code to the courier to have the code scanned when collecting the delivered order to complete the collection.