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 concept of individual article


according to article 12 of the “order of the customs general administration of the peoples’ republic of china” (order no. 240), the term “inward and outward express consignments of the individual articles category” means luggage and articles transported separately from passengers, articles presented between relatives or friends, and other individual articles, which are prescribed in the regulations on customs, to enter or exit the territory for self-use or in a reasonable quantity.

article 21 of the same order provides that the operator shall, when making customs declarations for inward and outward express consignments of the individual articles category, submit the “individual articles declaration form of the customs of the people’s republic of china for inward and outward express consignments” to customs, as well as the specific transport document of each inward or outward express consignment, a photocopy of the identification certificate of the addressee of the inward express consignments or of the sender of outward express consignments, and other documents as required by the customs.


per said requirements, the addressee/sender of the express consignments of the individual articles category shall provide the express service provider with their id cards and other customs clearance files, so that the express service provider will be responsible for completing the custom clearance of their individual articles and the dispatch of the articles.


(ii)basic requirements

  1. individual articles

the recipient must be an individual and the quantity must meet reasonable self-use of new products, which are subject to e-unified invoices.

  1. declared value

the total declared value of a single shipment must not exceed rmb800 (please declare accordingly). import taxes in china are subject to the latest tax announcements made by the “general administration of customs”.

more than rmb 800 but less than rmb 5,000 is allowed for articles at a fixed quantity and inseparable, while official import declaration is required by mainland china if more than rmb 5,000.

  1. declared quantity

to meet personal needs.

  1. product descriptions

the name, brand, material, price, model no. and specifications of each category of articles must be identified expressly in the waybill, and no general descriptions thereof are allowed; or, the customs office will ask customers to provide the screenshot for the purchase certificate and thereby delay the customs clearance.

no name adopted in mainland china may be based in the declaration of product descriptions.

  1. declaration form

in consideration of the transport and declaration of individual articles, it is necessary to provide the photocopies of the invoice and id card as proof and declare the customs clearance with the customs office.

(1) certificate of value of goods: (select one of the following) delivered to the courier when collecting shipment.

  1.   screenshot of the online purchase - must contain urs/name of goods/their value and currency
  2.   shopping receipt - must contain the value of the goods on the invoice
  3.   invoice/sales order - must contain the value and the currency
  4.   a proforma invoice - must contain the value and the currency on the commercial invoice

(2)duplicate of a valid identification certificate of the addressee, scanned and uploaded to the official website of sf express.

valid identification includes: (select one of the following)

mainland china residents: personal id card, soldier id, military officer id, or civilian staff id

hong kong citizens living in china: pass or residence card

taiwan citizens living in china: mainland entry permit or residence card

other foreigners living in china: passport

personal identifications and other ids/cards must be within the validity period

*actual import requirements are subject to local customs.

  1. restrictions

a recipient’s phone number/name/document number/address is limited to 1 shipment per day.

  1. currency unit

please note the currency of declared value must be included.

(iii)note to special articles

  1. milk powder for own use

the waybill shall be completed in the manner (brand applicable age gram).


no more than rmb 100/kg (no more than usd 15/kg) required by the customs office, and no more than rmb 800 in total. in the case of no more than cny100-400/kg, the minimum, rmb100, shall be declared.


no more than 4kg per single booking. no delivery of milk powder to mainland china will be permitted unless two or more bottles of milk powder are delivered. the declared value shall bemore than rmb 350, otherwise it will be impossible to arrange for the customs clearance.


the milk powder must be packed with the “packing materials exclusive for milk powder” and then may be shipped, otherwise no delivery of the milk powder is permitted.

  1. cosmetics – facial mask:


no more than rmb 800 in total per single booking.


reasonable self-use.

  1. books
  • items that are counterfeit, contain pornography, subversive content, superstitions, violence, involve national secrets, or any other illegal or prohibited content cannot be accepted for shipping.
  •  the shipment should consist of 50 books or fewer. the quantity of books shipped should be deemed reasonable for personal use (this means that for books with different titles, up to 10 to 50 books can be shipped. however, if the books have the same title, only up to 10 books can be shipped.)
  • if the total number of books exceeds 50 or if there are more than 10 books with the same title, the shipment will require a customs declaration under category "d" and cannot be imported as personal items.
  • product descriptions : to specify the “book : title”.
  • quantity : to specify the number of set/book.
  • declared value : no more than rmb 800.

** such audiobooks as abc island teaching materials may be imported as individual articles in the manner applicable to books.**

the actual specifics should be subject to the on-site requirements of the customs authorities.



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