useful forms-凯发在线


numberdownload formsoperation
credit account form
1 credit account information amendment form
2 notification of termination of credit account
pickup service authorization form
1 pickup service authorization form (chinese mainland)
power of attorney form
1 power of attorney (export)
2 power of attorney (import)
3 long term power of attorney(export)
4 long term power of attorney(import)
5 power of attorney by sea (import)
other form
simply export declaration form
formal export declaration form
3 invoice (consignee:company)
4 invoice (consignee:personal)
5 packing list
6 foreign goods re-export affidavit
7 import declaration checklist & service payment agreement
8 aviation security declaration
9 the coa agreement of delivering to chinese mainland outsourcing area
10 the supplementary agreement of ddp service

prohibited & limited items declaration (powder/granular)


post release duty payment power of attorney

13  ncc for private use import affidavit  
14  moea,mohw for private use import affidavit