notice detail-凯发在线

  • dear customers

    from november 16, 2023, the ihf (international heavy freight) service currently provided by our company will change as follows.


    change 1: the service name will be changed.

     [old] ihf (international heavy flight / international heavy freight)

     [new] ib (international bulk)

    change 2: the applicable weight will be lowered.

     [old] 45kg~

     [new] 20kg~

      *hong kong is unchanged at 300kg~.

    change 3: you can now use cash on delivery for imports.

     [old]currently only exported to both china and hong kong

     [new] we are now able to accept cash on delivery for imports from china to japan.

      *hong kong is export only as before)

    ★change date: from november 16, 2023