sf packing materials-凯发在线

  • service introduction

    in order to reduce the excess use of packing materials and protect the safety of the shipments during transit, customers can choose to purchase sf packing materials. charges are subject to model and quantity.

    to ensure your shipments can be delivered to the destination in the best condition, please  for the packaging instructions.

  • service area and payment method

    service area: all shipments from hong kong and macau region (sf packing materials charges will be effective from 1 march 2021 in macau)


    payment method:

    • the payment method (by shipper, consignee or credit account) of packing material surcharge is linked with the freight
  • sf packing materials for retail

    customers can purchase sf packing materials in sf stores and sf business stations. please contact our staff for details.

  • models and charges


    model dimension (cm) price (hkd/mop)
    box no. f2s 20×20×15 4
    box no. f2 30×20×15 4
    box no. f3 30×25×20 8
    box no. f4 40×30×20 8
    box no. f5 40×30×30 12
    box no. f6s 60×40×30 20
    box no. f6 70×40×32 20
    box no. s1 22×11×11 4
    box no. p7 23×13×16 4
    box no. y1 27×27×8.5 4
    box no. y3 34×30×16 8


  • sf packing materials delivery service

    packing materials delivery service is available for customers using credit account hkd30 per order within 100kg.


    (no delivery fee during the promotion period until further notice.)


    (the total sf packing material fees are charged at the current exchange rate.)