change payment mode-凯发在线

  • service introduction

    customers may choose to change their payment method of shipment (including freight charges and value-added service fees) before acceptance and sign-off. 

  • service area

    hong kong and macau

  • charges

    there is no additional charge for the following change payment mode services (other changes of payment method are not supported)

    • paid by consignee

    change to paid by shipper (in cash/ by credit account); or paid by third-party


    •  paid by third-party

    change to paid by shipper (in cash/ by credit account)

    • paid by shipper (by credit account)

    change to paid by shipper (in cash); or paid by third-party

  • notice for use

    • change from "paid by shipper" to "paid by consignee" is not available for change payment method service.


    • for terms and conditions of carriage, please .