• service introduction

    e-commerce standard express is an economical cross-border e-commerce express service that delivers goods to mainland china through cross-border import e-commerce direct mail (bc direct mail), which meets the business needs of cross-border e-commerce companies and e-commerce platforms.

  • service area

    hong kong/macau to the mainland china

  • service advantage

    √ using cross-border import e-commerce direct mail for customs clearance, the tax rate is lower than other general b2b/b2c methods

    √ freight charge to guangdong as low as hkd/mop 20 (1kg)

    √ fuel surcharge is waived

  • freight

    • guangdong:first 1kg hkd/mop 20、hkd/mop 6 per subsequent 0.5kg
      non guangdong: first 1kg hkd/mop 23、hkd/mop 7 per subsequent 0.5kg

    *no fuel surcharge for this service

    • pick-up service is available at additional charges hkd/mop 5/shipment
    • payment methods: paid by shipper’s credit account
  • notice for use

    • minimum shipments: 50 shipments or above per order
    • customs clearance requirements: customers need to meet the supervision and operational requirements of cross-border import e-commerce direct mail policy issued by the customs
    • shipment pickup:  self drop-off by customer at sf’s asia logistics hub in tsing yi,hong kong/ sf business station in rua cinco bairro da areia preta, macau is required (pick-up service is available at additional charges)
    • placing orders: customers need to connect their e-commerce platforms or own systems to sf’s system to place orders. for details, please contact your sf express sales representative

    please  for the details of export rates for mainland china.