sf e-凯发在线

  • service introduction

    sf e-commerce express is satisfying worldwide e-commerce customers’needs that selling high value products. by virtue of strong network pickup capacity of sf and the high-quality local customs clearance and delivery resources in each district, providing smooth customs clearance process, stable transit time and tracking service.

  • service area

    thailand, malaysia, singapore, united kingdom, france, germany, italy, united states, spain, austria, belgium, denmark, netherlands, sweden, luxembourg, poland, australia (excluded the areas which are not covered)

  • service advantages

    ✔ favorable price
    ✔ fuel surcharge is excluded
    ✔ quicker customs clearance process
    ✔ whole-process traceability
    ✔ duty-free on low value item
    ✔ strong service network (door-to-door pickup service or self- drop off service)
    ✔ highly efficient pickup
    ✔ excellent after sales service

  • charges

    • please  for the details of the service charge of sf e-commerce express – standard rates.

    • please  for the details of the service charge of sf-e-commerce express (singapore/malaysia/thailand).

    • please  to visit sf e-parcel platform.

  • notice for use

    for delivery zone and remote area list (thailand/malaysia/singapore), please .

    sf’s relevant terms and conditions of service shall apply.

    for any enquiry, please call our customer service hotline at (852) 2730 0273 (hong kong) or (853) 2873 7373 (macau).