sf return-凯发在线

  • service introduction

    sf return is a service for merchants who are pursuing consummate logistics services and enhance after-sales satisfaction to the consumers.

  • parcel classification

    sf return service includes documents and parcel express delivery. weight limitation: 20kg per shipment.

  • service advantages

    √ for merchants, not only beneficial from saving the excessive logistics costs, but it is more convenient to place order for the returning goods.


    √ merchants and consumers feel more at ease from the standardized return and exchange logistics operations.

  • service mode

    through system integration with sfhk, consumer can return the goods to merchants by selecting self drop-off through sfhk's self-operated network points or to door pick-up services.

  • business logistics enquiry

    for further enquiries, please contact us via (852) 2730 0273 (hong kong); oror, click [business logistics cooperation].

  • notice for use

    for terms and condition of sf return service, please .


    for sf's terms and conditions of carriage, please .