ftl direct delivery-凯发在线

  • service introduction

    a full truckload logistic service with different truck size available

  • service details

    palletized freight shipping


    type of truck provided:

    5.5 ton / 9 ton / 16 ton


    weight limitation:

    ≤ 500kg per pallet


    maximum limitation: 

    ≤ (l)1.2m * (w)1.2m * (h)1.8m (including pallet)

  • service time

    1 working day

  • service area

    hong kong  (except areas which are excluded in sf service coverage or cannot be accessed by land transport)

  • freight

    subject to actual quantity, weight and dimension of the shipment(s), suitable vehicles will be provided accordingly with corresponding service charge.


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  • notice for use

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    • please call our customer service hotline at (852) 2730 0273 for any enquiry or placing orders.