about ef locker-凯发在线


about sf locker


sf locker aims at providing high-quality self-pick up service and cost-sffective last-mile delivery service to both end-users and e-commerce businesses.


serving end-users with convenient pick up experiences on a 24/7 basis, sf locker supports various on-spot payment methods, including alipayhk, wechat pay hk, unionpay qr code and unionpay app, boc pay, payme and octopus.


advantages of using sf locker


  • over 800 sf lockers located all over hong kong, including residential areas, estate shopping malls and industrial buildings.
  • highly protected personal privacy with simple and automatic operation
  • 24/7 pick up service available at most of the lockers
  • support various on-spot payment methods, including alipayhk, wechat pay hk, unionpay qr code and unionpay app, boc pay, payme and octopus
  • convenient pick up points for online shopping
  • retrieve parcels simply with the one-time verification code sent through sms. 24 hours cctv available for parcel safety.


sf locker address list


 for sf locker address list. 


track and trace


 to track and trace your parcels.


charitable donations


sfhk has been committed to providing high-quality logistics services to our customers. at the same time, we are contributing to the society by supporting the underprivileged. customers can now make donation to participating charities at designated sf lockers when they pick up their parcels. please  for more details.